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Naujiena Quincy Jones ‎– Back On The Block Padidinti

Quincy Jones ‎– Back On The Block

Quincy Jones







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A1Prologue (2 Q's Rap)
Backing Vocals [Vocal Haze] – take 6Drum Programming – Rod TempertonLead Vocals – Quincy JonesQuincy D. III*Written-By – Big Daddy KaneQuincy Jones
A2Back On The Block
Arranged By [Rhythm] – Bill SummersQuincy JonesQuincy D. III*, Rod TempertonArranged By [Vocals] – Andraé CrouchQuincy JonesBacking Vocals – Caiphus SemenyaSiedah GarrettThe Andraé Crouch SingersBass – Louis JohnsonConcept By – Quincy JonesConductor [Choir] – Andraé CrouchSandra CrouchDrum Programming – Michael BoddickerQuincy JonesQuincy D. III*, Rod TempertonHandclaps – Ian UnderwoodQuincy JonesRod TempertonKeyboards – Greg PhillinganesLead Vocals – Tevin CampbellPercussion [African Percussion] – Bill SummersJ.C. GomezRap – Big Daddy KaneIce-TKool Moe DeeMelle MelSynthesizer [Programming] – Steve PorcaroSynthesizer [Synthesized Korg Pepe] – Josef Zawinul*Written-By – Big Daddy KaneCaiphus SemenyaIce-TKool Moe DeeMelle MelQuincy JonesRod TempertonSiedah Garrett
A3I Don't Go For That
Arranged By – Ian PrinceBacking Vocals – Ian PrinceNadirah AliSiedah GarrettFeaturing, Keyboards [Solo] – Herbie HancockKeyboards – Ian PrinceLead Vocals – Siedah GarrettSynthesizer [Programming] – Ian UnderwoodLarry WilliamsWritten-By – I. Prince*
A4I'll Be Good To You
Arranged By – Quincy JonesBacking Vocals – George JohnsonJames IngramJim GilstrapLouis JohnsonPhil Perry (2)Siedah GarrettSyreeta WrightBass – Louis JohnsonDrums – Harvey MasonGuitar – George JohnsonKeyboards – David PaichGreg PhillinganesIan PrinceLead Vocals – Chaka KhanRay CharlesSounds [Kick And Snare Drum] – Bruce SwedienSynthesizer [Programming] – Ian UnderwoodLarry WilliamsMichael BoddickerSteve PorcaroWritten-By – George JohnsonLouis JohnsonSenora Sam
A5The Verb To Be (Introduction to Wee B. Dooinit)
Voice [Spoken by] – Mervyn WarrenWritten-By – Mervyn Warren
A6Wee B. Dooinit (Acapella Party)
Arranged By [Rhythm] – Ian PrinceQuincy JonesArranged By [Vocals] – Ian PrinceMark KibbleQuincy JonesRod TempertonSiedah GarrettBacking Vocals – Edie Lehman*Body Percussion – Quincy JonesBody Percussion [Chest Slaps & Funky Vodel] – Bobby McFerrinFeaturing, Vocals – Al JarreauBobby McFerrinElla FitzgeraldSarah VaughanTake 6Handclaps – Ian UnderwoodQuincy JonesRod TempertonLead Vocals – Siedah GarrettVocoder – Ian PrinceWritten-By – Ian PrinceQuincy JonesSiedah Garrett
A7The Places You Find Love
Arranged By [Rhythm] – Clif MagnessGlen BallardQuincy JonesArranged By [Vocals] – Andraé CrouchCaiphus SemenyaQuincy JonesBacking Vocals – Clif MagnessDionne WarwickEdie Lehman*, Howard Hewitt*, James IngramJennifer HollidayLuther VandrossPeggi BluSiedah GarrettThe Andraé Crouch SingersBass – Louis JohnsonConcept By – Quincy JonesConductor [All Star Choir] – Quincy JonesConductor [Andrae Crouch Singers] – Andraé CrouchDrums – John Robinson (2)Featuring, Keyboards [Solo] – Herbie HancockGuitar – Michael LandauPaul Jackson Jr.Keyboards – David PaichJerry HeyKeyboards, Synthesizer [Programming] – Larry WilliamsRandy KerberLead Vocals – Chaka KhanSiedah GarrettPercussion – Bill SummersPaulinho Da CostaSynthesizer [Programming] – Michael BoddickerRhett LawrenceSteve PorcaroTranslated By [Swahili] – Sarah AbukutsaWritten-By – Clif MagnessGlen BallardWritten-By [African Lyrics], Arranged By [African Lyrics], Conductor [African Lyrics] – Caiphus Semenya
B1Jazz Corner Of The Word (Introduction To Birdland)
Arranged By [Rhythm] – Bill SummersQuincy JonesLead Vocals – Big Daddy KaneKool Moe DeePercussion – Bill SummersWritten-By – Big Daddy KaneKool Moe Dee
Arranged By [Horns] – Jerry HeyQuincy JonesArranged By [Rhythm] – Ian PrinceQuincy JonesRod TempertonBass – Nathan EastFeaturing, Guitar – George BensonFeaturing, Saxophone – James MoodyFeaturing, Trumpet – Dizzy GillespieMiles DavisFeaturing, Vocals – Ella FitzgeraldSarah VaughanHandclaps – Ian UnderwoodQuincy JonesRod TempertonKeyboards – Ian PrinceLarry WilliamsSaxophone – Larry WilliamsSynthesizer [Programming] – Michael BoddickerMichael Casey Young*Trombone – Bill Reichenbach (2)Trumpet – Gary GrantJerry HeyWritten-By – Joe Zawinul
B3Setembro (Brazilian Wedding Song)
Arranged By [Rhythm] – Greg PhillinganesQuincy JonesArranged By [Vocals] – Mark KibbleQuincy JonesFeaturing, Alto Saxophone – Gerald AlbrightFeaturing, Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] – George DukeFeaturing, Guitar – George BensonFeaturing, Keyboards – Herbie HancockFeaturing, Vocals – Sarah VaughanTake 6Keyboards – David PaichGreg PhillinganesIan PrincePercussion – Paulinho Da CostaSynthesizer [Pads] – David PaichHerbie HancockSynthesizer [Programming] – Ian UnderwoodSynthesizer [Programming], Synthesizer [Pads] – Steve PorcaroSynthesizer [Rhythm Programming] – Quincy JonesWritten-By – Gilson PeranzzettaIvan Lins
B4One Man Woman
Arranged By [Rhythm] – Ian PrinceQuincy JonesFeaturing, Keyboards – George DukeFeaturing, Timbales – Sheila E.Keyboards – Greg PhillinganesIan PrinceLead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Siedah GarrettSynthesizer [Programming] – Larry WilliamsWritten-By – Harriet RobertsIan PrinceSiedah Garrett
B5Tomorrow (A Better You, Better Me)
Arranged By [Rhythm] – Jerry HeyQuincy JonesArranged By [Vocals] – Quincy JonesRod TempertonBass – Neil StubenhausDirected By [Choir] – Rose BanksSiedah GarrettDrums – John Robinson (2)Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] – Greg PhillinganesFeaturing, Saxophone – Gerald AlbrightGuitar – Steve LukatherKeyboards – Randy KerberLead Vocals – Tevin CampbellPercussion – Ollie BrownProducer [Assistant], Arranged By – Jerry HeyWritten-By – George JohnsonLouis JohnsonSiedah Garrett
B6Prelude To The Garden
Concept By – Quincy JonesKeyboards, Synthesizer [Programming] – Larry WilliamsWritten-By, Arranged By – Jorge Calandrelli
B7The Secret Garden
Arranged By [Rhythm] – Quincy JonesRod TempertonArranged By [Snthesizer] – Jerry HeyArranged By [Vocals] – Quincy JonesRod TempertonSiedah GarrettBacking Vocals – Al B. Sure!El DeBargeSiedah GarrettBass – Neil StubenhausDrums – John Robinson (2)Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] – Greg PhillinganesFeaturing, Solo Vocal – Al B. Sure!Barry WhiteEl DeBargeJames IngramGuitar – Steve LukatherKeyboards, Synthesizer [Programming] – Larry WilliamsSnare – Bruce SwedienWritten-By – El DeBargeQuincy JonesRod TempertonSiedah Garrett
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