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Bad quality returns

If you have received improper quality or not the item that you have ordered, in the cases provided for by law, we are obliged to replace such product with the good quality or return of the money paid for the goods. In these cases, we bear the costs of transporting goods.

Return good quality goods

In the cases provided for by law, good quality goods may also be returned to the buyer at the seller's disposal within 14 days of the day of selling the products. When returning good quality goods, the costs are borne by the buyer. In return for a good quality item, the latter must meet the following conditions:

The return item must be in the original order packaging;
The Product must be in good condition with the Buyer;
The item must remain intact in appearance (undamaged labels, non-shielded protective films, etc.) (this item does not apply in the case of returning a defective product);
The return item must be the same set of items as the Buyer receives.
To return a product that is both suitable and inadequate, please contact us by e-mail. mail (indicating the order number, the reason for the return and the list of goods to be returned) or by phone +370 699 59999.