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Delivery of goods:

Take goods at the pick-up center!

Coming soon!
Ordering goods in stock before 12:00. Take the goods on the same day on weekdays on weekdays! Delivery times may vary during the festive period. Follow the info on the page.
Check out cash at check-out.
The goods ordered from the Goods Reception Center must be withdrawn within 5 business days of our approval.
Come to pick up the item only after receiving a message by SMS and e-mail. mail from that your product is ready to be redeemed.
Delivered orders by Saturday 12:00. days - withdraw from 13:00. goods withdrawal center Pylimo g. 63, Vilnius!

Take out the goods from the Post Office of Lithuania!

Take away the goods in the nearest post office!
Unloadable goods weighing less than 20 kg.
Come to pick up the goods only after receiving a message by SMS and e-mail that the item has been delivered to your chosen post office in Lithuania.
Ordered items from the Lithuanian Post Office must be returned within 3 business days after our confirmation that the order is already in the Lithuanian Post Office.
Goods can only be picked up by the recipient of the parcel indicated at the time of placing the order. Therefore, when picking up the goods, it is necessary to have a valid identity document (ID card, passport or a new model driving license) with the Lithuanian Post Worker.

Delivery price:

up to 1 kg - € 1.49
from 1 kg to 2 kg - € 1.99
higher batches by separate agreement

Take out the "Ships by Bus" terminal!

 Get the goods the next morning!

 You can find the exact delivery time on the nearest Shipment Bus Terminal.

Delivery price:

up to 1 kg - € 3.50
from 1 kg to 5 kg - € 4.50